I Knew Then.

It’s important to know who you are and what you’re standing up in the middle of a room for. Laying bricks where you need them is very important. When walls come crashing down, you can move out of the way. If you use your imagination, you can use that wall as a brick road towards your dream. Did you once dream you’d be standing in the middle of the room? Start dreaming and walk on those walls.



I challenge myself to think about my position everyday and accrue foresight as to how I will continue through the space in front of me whether it’s work, social, or personal.

Dream your future into reality, then you will know.


There is a plan.

There is a plan. This blog will most definitely be used in the future. Until I am in a position where I am driven to share my ideas, this blog will only contain school related posts.

Blogging regularly for multiple courses in the AMC program has been an easy venture. We were given interesting opportunities in which we gave our insights and thought. Blogging on the WordPress website does not feel as though I am sending my ideas out into the internet however it feels as if I am posting something on a bulletin that anyone can stop by and look at. As I update my blog I hope that like-minded individuals come across it and appreciate the content.

As I stand with my current interests and habits, I expect to continue using my Instagram account as my main form of blogging. Instagram is very simple and I am mostly interested in only sharing visuals and sounds. This includes visually appealing images, guitar music, and any humorous posts I’d like to share.

Image result


As I get older I expect my mindset to evolve into one of a thought leader. I will be traveling in the future and I will be learning every day. This will provide opportunities for fresh content in my search for positive perspective. I will be posting inspiring perspectives of situations I’ve lived and learned from.
The next time you will be hearing from me will be in the fall semester of 2017.

Thoughts… On a Thought Leader




I decided to choose Joseph Gordon-Levitt for my thought leader. Joe Is has been an actor since his childhood and he has also been successful in directing and producing. Joseph Gordon-Levitt makes a good thought leader because he created an innovative production company called HitRecord. His ideas are of particular interest to me because anyone from anywhere can make their idea shine.

pasted image 0



HitRecord is a collaborative online production company focusing on acquiring content from a vast variety of sources. You can create an account and focus on a small challenge within a project. This can be anything to everything within writing, screenwriting, poetry, illustration, graphic design, photography, acting, cinematography, editing, animation, vocals, music, voice acting, video Q&As, interviews, and curation. Anyone can create an account and contribute. Cool!

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 4.07.03 PM.png

You can find HitRecord online at HitRecord.org. They also have a large social media presence when they have a project that needs a lot of contributors. Examples of projects finished and in progress, can be found on HitRecord.org. Or you can view some of their 546 videos on Youtube!



What I hope to learn in the future is how many hardworking people have contributed to projects on HitRecord. This is important to me because the things that they contribute can be added to a portfolio in which can help them achieve their dream career in the industry.

Dale Edward’s Precarious Adventure into Chapters

A marketing students’ commentary on a specific event of a curious gentleman’s consumer lifestyle.


Consumer Profile

Dale Edwards is a man living on Wolfe Island. Dale has never married and he retired early last year at the age of 55. Dale is a baby-boomer. Dale was employed at KGH as a surgeon. Dale plans on moving to the inner city of Kingston to increase his social life. His income towards the end of his career was well over $150K and he has amassed savings as well as rental properties in the area of Queen’s University generating perpetual income. He hopes to front a property management business in his retirement. Dale enjoys trips out on his boat and high class indulgences. Dale is interested in property management, documents on life, successful people, and the possibility of a loving relationship.

My reasoning for choosing this target consumer is because I think it is extremely fun. It can be taken in so many directions. This was spurred by the selection of magazine. Many ads and services are directed towards the wealthy, business professionals, and those with specific interests.

Interest in Magazine

This magazine was of initial interest to Dale in seeing Samuel L. Jackson on the cover. Dale appreciates classics such as Pulp Fiction and Die Hard. He took a greater interest in the magazine after considering Jackson’s success and other forward aspects of the cover such as, “Distinctive properties around the world”. Dale identifies as an individual who appreciates wealthy business culture and as an dream owner of desirable estate property.

This magazine deals with the ideal self. The ads suggest the consumer should be or identify with what the ad is promoting. For example, extensive photoshoots for men’s fashion, luxury car prints, and lifestyle opportunities.

The Barnstormer Brewing ad caught Dales’ eye. The simple and


From PIE ‘A Relaxed Luxury Bookazine’

professionally designed ad was interesting to him because he likes having his own identity through an arrangement of objects that represent him outside of his personality. This ad is appropriate for the magazine because it is an expensive and specialized beer that is contemporary with a vintage aesthetic appropriate for boomer consumers. Dale appreciates this beer because the imagery reminds him of home on Wolfe Island where he is surrounded by barns and older people like himself who have stories to tell of family participating in the war. A contemporary beer for taste that will add to the ideal self.


The City Slicker ad speaks wonders for Mr. Edwards in his hopes to move to the inner city of Kingston. To look the part, Dale must look professional during his work and casually as he spends his time with his professional friends in the heart of the city. This is applicable to the ideal self because Dale is manipulating himself to fit a particular persona to achieve a goal.


From PIE ‘A Relaxed Luxury Bookazine’


Dale immediately went to the Starbucks within Chapters upon his entry. He did this as a pre-emptive measure to ensure his comfort while perusing what Chapters had to offer. After grabbing his coffee, he made his way to the magazine stands where he looked at several articles on home décor occasionally eyeballing the others of his age. Making short conversation in the seating area of Starbucks he graduated his way to the area in which Chapters displays their home décor for ideas for his own home. He passes through the recipe and cookbook section of the store out of interest before showing a discrete fascination in the philosophy section in which he read a couple pages of a few books to spark a thought he could nurture for the remainder of his day. Mr. Edwards exited the building having purchased a basket for bars of soap to keep in his bathroom.

Dale shops alone because he is unmarried and his immediate family live in other provinces.

Reason and Orientation

Dale’s purpose for checking out Chapters is in his interest of home décor for his future move as well as his continual and strong interest in wealthy culture such as fashion, food and property. Dale is an experienced man in many aspects of life and when it comes to a purchase he relies on his rule of thumb. If a product is quality and it will solve his problem efficiently, he will most likely buy it. Dale does not consider the price of things unless the price is unreasonable. If the cost is too low Dale will look for problems within the product itself because he thinks the price is too good to be true. If the cost is too high, he will think that the brand sells to ‘idiots’ going for the most expensive item instead of the one that gets the job done.

Dale is heavily influenced by the atmosphere and the people that associate with the business he is considering purchasing from. Dale usually only concerns himself with products that will last as long as he will so that disposing of them won’t be his problem. If he makes a business purchase such as a piece of technology, he will sell it back into the market when he has outgrown it’s use.

Mr. Edward’s is a sporadic consumer who makes purchasing decisions on whims for small purchases and out of necessity for larger purchases.

Individual momentum creates a successful team

Originality is the essential basis for solving a problem and coming out the other side with momentum. Young professionals should be encouraged to understand and practice expressing their originality because it will keep the workplace diverse and capable of creating fresh content.cropped-14355606_1117305431650649_4864228665555698208_n1.jpg

A changing environment will chew up and spit out individuals who are incapable of thinking on the fly. People who cannot train their mindset to create innovative ideas are the furthest from success. It is important to realize this within oneself in a professional environment because in not doing so, one may opt for recycled ideas or plagiarism to scrape by.

The recycling of ideas does not give the individual momentum in the workplace. They slow the process of learning new things and become an entity that is only good for what they have already learned. These professionals are effective in sustaining a standard of work however they are not seen as people who will go above and beyond. They may not be considered first when a new problem arises in a workplace.

A failing professional will result to uncredited inspiration and work to complete a task. They do not feel passionate about the work they are completing, therefore, they lack practice creating new ideas and more than effective ways of solving problems.

A business which does not have a team that creates new and effective ways of tackling problems, will not be anticipated to be successful. They will only get to a point where they try to sustain themselves forgetting that the continual growth, no matter the rate, is the key to success.

A team consisting of forward-poised thinkers, capable of training their own minds for original ideas will diversify positive outcomes. Learning from these positive outcomes will perpetuate a positive mindset. A professional who can visualize varying positive outcomes will always have an appreciated opinion when there is a problem to be solved.

Prepared for an Image?

I am. I’m the type of person that’s changing all the time, switching things up to see if they work. I’m not afraid of change, I prefer it!

The idea of writing a blog seems helpful, although I’ve never really been about literally explaining my ideas. I’ve been able to express my vision through pictures, film, style, and music. I’ve always been curious as to how people perceived my image because I never tell them what to think of me. I perform and sit back determining the results.

Going into depth through blogging about my life, goals, and thoughts will be a useful tool for my career.

It is of my opinion that readers can appreciate my writing style; I envision my more creative writing as a means of assembling little works into a larger holistic idea. For example, my own poetry and songwriting have the purpose of inspiring myself to escape the life measured out in20160726_143939-2 coffee spoons (The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock). I believe a challenge I have is my ability to transfer my thoughts into words. There are other ways that I think I can express myself more easily.

If I were to write a blog post about sailing, my words would only give justice to a degree that others can also achieve. I pride myself in my ability to create things that include every sense possible which resembles the feelings I experience in a moment. My blog will be much more successful and true to myself if I rely on my feelings towards the subject. I would create music suggestive of the calm whistling wind, cinematography reminiscent of imperfect yet soothing rocking, and imagery as impactful as the waves crashing upon the bow.

One of my goals is to transition from my regular use of Instagram to a position where I can update my blog just as frequently.


After writing this first blog post I am confident in my ability to express myself and document my own adventures and thoughts through words. I have found that it will only take practice and the willingness to dictate an emotion instead of re-instancing it. This blog will come useful to myself as an album of accomplishment and it will be useful for my employers to see my skills, visions, and attitudes.


An Introduction,

My name is Liam Chesebrough. I am a guitarist, sailor and perpetual learner. I first started playing guitar and sailing at a young age, and they have developed into my favourite things to spend time on. Playing guitar allows me to connect with other musicians in a large network of people, so I can jam and share the passion. Sailing is an adrenaline rushing experience I share with close friends I bring on my boat. We often listen to our favourite music and enjoy food out on the water. I have a keen sense of fashion that is appropriate for my own style. I always leave the house in clothes that express a trait of my personality or lifetime period. I enjoy taking pictures, and playing with them in photoshop to create an image that visualizes my brand. James Bond and Obi-Wan Kenobi have been lifetime Idols.