There is a plan.

There is a plan. This blog will most definitely be used in the future. Until I am in a position where I am driven to share my ideas, this blog will only contain school related posts.

Blogging regularly for multiple courses in the AMC program has been an easy venture. We were given interesting opportunities in which we gave our insights and thought. Blogging on the WordPress website does not feel as though I am sending my ideas out into the internet however it feels as if I am posting something on a bulletin that anyone can stop by and look at. As I update my blog I hope that like-minded individuals come across it and appreciate the content.

As I stand with my current interests and habits, I expect to continue using my Instagram account as my main form of blogging. Instagram is very simple and I am mostly interested in only sharing visuals and sounds. This includes visually appealing images, guitar music, and any humorous posts I’d like to share.

Image result


As I get older I expect my mindset to evolve into one of a thought leader. I will be traveling in the future and I will be learning every day. This will provide opportunities for fresh content in my search for positive perspective. I will be posting inspiring perspectives of situations I’ve lived and learned from.
The next time you will be hearing from me will be in the fall semester of 2017.


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