Dale Edward’s Precarious Adventure into Chapters

A marketing students’ commentary on a specific event of a curious gentleman’s consumer lifestyle.


Consumer Profile

Dale Edwards is a man living on Wolfe Island. Dale has never married and he retired early last year at the age of 55. Dale is a baby-boomer. Dale was employed at KGH as a surgeon. Dale plans on moving to the inner city of Kingston to increase his social life. His income towards the end of his career was well over $150K and he has amassed savings as well as rental properties in the area of Queen’s University generating perpetual income. He hopes to front a property management business in his retirement. Dale enjoys trips out on his boat and high class indulgences. Dale is interested in property management, documents on life, successful people, and the possibility of a loving relationship.

My reasoning for choosing this target consumer is because I think it is extremely fun. It can be taken in so many directions. This was spurred by the selection of magazine. Many ads and services are directed towards the wealthy, business professionals, and those with specific interests.

Interest in Magazine

This magazine was of initial interest to Dale in seeing Samuel L. Jackson on the cover. Dale appreciates classics such as Pulp Fiction and Die Hard. He took a greater interest in the magazine after considering Jackson’s success and other forward aspects of the cover such as, “Distinctive properties around the world”. Dale identifies as an individual who appreciates wealthy business culture and as an dream owner of desirable estate property.

This magazine deals with the ideal self. The ads suggest the consumer should be or identify with what the ad is promoting. For example, extensive photoshoots for men’s fashion, luxury car prints, and lifestyle opportunities.

The Barnstormer Brewing ad caught Dales’ eye. The simple and


From PIE ‘A Relaxed Luxury Bookazine’

professionally designed ad was interesting to him because he likes having his own identity through an arrangement of objects that represent him outside of his personality. This ad is appropriate for the magazine because it is an expensive and specialized beer that is contemporary with a vintage aesthetic appropriate for boomer consumers. Dale appreciates this beer because the imagery reminds him of home on Wolfe Island where he is surrounded by barns and older people like himself who have stories to tell of family participating in the war. A contemporary beer for taste that will add to the ideal self.


The City Slicker ad speaks wonders for Mr. Edwards in his hopes to move to the inner city of Kingston. To look the part, Dale must look professional during his work and casually as he spends his time with his professional friends in the heart of the city. This is applicable to the ideal self because Dale is manipulating himself to fit a particular persona to achieve a goal.


From PIE ‘A Relaxed Luxury Bookazine’


Dale immediately went to the Starbucks within Chapters upon his entry. He did this as a pre-emptive measure to ensure his comfort while perusing what Chapters had to offer. After grabbing his coffee, he made his way to the magazine stands where he looked at several articles on home décor occasionally eyeballing the others of his age. Making short conversation in the seating area of Starbucks he graduated his way to the area in which Chapters displays their home décor for ideas for his own home. He passes through the recipe and cookbook section of the store out of interest before showing a discrete fascination in the philosophy section in which he read a couple pages of a few books to spark a thought he could nurture for the remainder of his day. Mr. Edwards exited the building having purchased a basket for bars of soap to keep in his bathroom.

Dale shops alone because he is unmarried and his immediate family live in other provinces.

Reason and Orientation

Dale’s purpose for checking out Chapters is in his interest of home décor for his future move as well as his continual and strong interest in wealthy culture such as fashion, food and property. Dale is an experienced man in many aspects of life and when it comes to a purchase he relies on his rule of thumb. If a product is quality and it will solve his problem efficiently, he will most likely buy it. Dale does not consider the price of things unless the price is unreasonable. If the cost is too low Dale will look for problems within the product itself because he thinks the price is too good to be true. If the cost is too high, he will think that the brand sells to ‘idiots’ going for the most expensive item instead of the one that gets the job done.

Dale is heavily influenced by the atmosphere and the people that associate with the business he is considering purchasing from. Dale usually only concerns himself with products that will last as long as he will so that disposing of them won’t be his problem. If he makes a business purchase such as a piece of technology, he will sell it back into the market when he has outgrown it’s use.

Mr. Edward’s is a sporadic consumer who makes purchasing decisions on whims for small purchases and out of necessity for larger purchases.


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