Thoughts… On a Thought Leader



I decided to choose Joseph Gordon-Levitt for my thought leader. Joe Is has been an actor since his childhood and he has also been successful in directing and producing. Joseph Gordon-Levitt makes a good thought leader because he created an innovative production company called HitRecord. His ideas are of particular interest to me because anyone from anywhere can make their idea shine.

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HitRecord is a collaborative online production company focusing on acquiring content from a vast variety of sources. You can create an account and focus on a small challenge within a project. This can be anything to everything within writing, screenwriting, poetry, illustration, graphic design, photography, acting, cinematography, editing, animation, vocals, music, voice acting, video Q&As, interviews, and curation. Anyone can create an account and contribute. Cool!

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 4.07.03 PM.png

You can find HitRecord online at They also have a large social media presence when they have a project that needs a lot of contributors. Examples of projects finished and in progress, can be found on Or you can view some of their 546 videos on Youtube!

What I hope to learn in the future is how many hardworking people have contributed to projects on HitRecord. This is important to me because the things that they contribute can be added to a portfolio in which can help them achieve their dream career in the industry.


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