Prepared for an Image?

I am. I’m the type of person that’s changing all the time, switching things up to see if they work. I’m not afraid of change, I prefer it!

The idea of writing a blog seems helpful, although I’ve never really been about literally explaining my ideas. I’ve been able to express my vision through pictures, film, style, and music. I’ve always been curious as to how people perceived my image because I never tell them what to think of me. I perform and sit back determining the results.

Going into depth through blogging about my life, goals, and thoughts will be a useful tool for my career.

It is of my opinion that readers can appreciate my writing style; I envision my more creative writing as a means of assembling little works into a larger holistic idea. For example, my own poetry and songwriting have the purpose of inspiring myself to escape the life measured out in20160726_143939-2 coffee spoons (The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock). I believe a challenge I have is my ability to transfer my thoughts into words. There are other ways that I think I can express myself more easily.

If I were to write a blog post about sailing, my words would only give justice to a degree that others can also achieve. I pride myself in my ability to create things that include every sense possible which resembles the feelings I experience in a moment. My blog will be much more successful and true to myself if I rely on my feelings towards the subject. I would create music suggestive of the calm whistling wind, cinematography reminiscent of imperfect yet soothing rocking, and imagery as impactful as the waves crashing upon the bow.

One of my goals is to transition from my regular use of Instagram to a position where I can update my blog just as frequently.

After writing this first blog post I am confident in my ability to express myself and document my own adventures and thoughts through words. I have found that it will only take practice and the willingness to dictate an emotion instead of re-instancing it. This blog will come useful to myself as an album of accomplishment and it will be useful for my employers to see my skills, visions, and attitudes.



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